Let’s end this burden from each other

I stopped loving you from the moment you whispered his name unknowingly.

I stopped trying from the moment I saw him in your eyes.

Why will I spend a single more heartbeat when all you see and think is him.


Just don’t.

Don't call 'cause I wont answer,
Don't explain 'cause I wont hear it,
Don't try, 'cause there's no reason anymore.

Pain:will it be an enough reason

How to take this pain away. 
Its love that makes you feel afloat
But sometimes its love that makes you feel hell. 
What if my heart stops?
Will it all go away?
And leave me on my own,
Slowly dragging myself to oblivion.
If there are thirteen strings that hold my heart afloat,
There are only two or three left.
Making it too hard for me to function well.
What if i cut it all?
Where will my heart go?
Or what if the other two reach its limit and the task was left to the only string helding it all together. 
What will happen now?
Will pain make me do it?
What’s in there for me after all.