We’ll love you, ALWAYS.

A sudden lost

Is the saddest farewell.


Just follow your Heart💚

What if she is not the one?

And there is someone else I yet to meet

Am I wasting all this precious time for nothing?

Am I here for a heart break or for a chance I’ll get to miss

It is really hard,

When it comes to love

You will never know

If you are right or wrong

What you need to know

Is if you are genuinely happy right now with the person you are with

And if your answer is yes……

Then she is definitely worth a chance to risk your future with.

Even in after life it will still be you.

Its been a while since I last saw you,
I can't seem to remember
the right shade of your eyes
Is it blue?
Is it green?
Or a mixed of both.
But I am certain about the way I feel whenever you laid your eyes on me.
You are my greatest love,
And even death won't make my heart forget about what it feels for you.


You set me free,
Yet you came running after me.
You court me back,
Yet I still decline.
You are consistent thru those years,
Yet you also look somewhere else.
So why will I accept your heart again,
It seems you are undecided.
Like you want a sure triumph,
Than risk a chance on me again.
Yet somehow we had our final closure,
Something we didn't had a chance then.
Probably that's why now we are content,
To our own path separately.

Dear You,

You will always make my heart skip a beat
But you were never the one meant for me

I will always remember those happy moments I once shared with you
But you will never be a part of my most cherished memories

You will always hold a little corner in my heart
Though you will never be in my future anymore

Yet there will be times that our paths will cross
How the universe connive to tease me with nostalgic memories

You’ll make me smile on how I’ll remember that once I have loved you 
But you will also make me proud of the choices I made to left you

Because of those, I finally found the one meant for me.