Lost Chance

The best is yet to come,
But what if the best already came
And you are too blind looking for another,
Now that you see clearly, its already late
And you're left with the hope that it will come by again.


2:10 am

I'm up late contemplating life.
Am I that hard on myself?
Am I allowed to be mad at myself?
Is this middle age crises came to soon?
Life's really a hell of a ride. 
But you gotta do, what you gotta do to survive and live your life to the fullest.

Well, probably…

Its just the cringe and self regret of the things I so irresponsibly did. 
From the simple ignoring of someone's opinion to saying no instead of yes. 

What I learn is that,…

Life will teach you that lesson constantly, over and over again until you learned it whole heartedly.

So regrets be dammed,…

You are what you are right now because of those lessons learned.


Be strong, courageous and never say no to things you really want.
Opportunities rarely knock on the same door twice.

First Day of 2017

I hope for the best this year. 


โ€ขI’ve been working on an excerpt since last year and I’m hoping on publishing a short chapter soon.

โ€ขI also hope to be industrious enough to edit all my videos so i could put some on my life on videos selection.

โ€ขI am near on finishing my room ; only a few decorations to go and some organizing to be done and I’ll be posting a room tour.

โ€ขI hope to accomplish this year what I want to achieve for so long.

I am starting this year full of hope within me.
Whole heartedly,