This new year, hope is something I’ll keep close with me.

Its easy to let others decide for us, for our life,

Decision are really a hard thing to do

Especially if it involves something important for you, like your life and future.

I hope one day I’ll learn to not give a damn about anything or whatever others think or say about me and my life decisions.

I really hope to learn to be brave and stand up for myself.

I do hope that one day, I’ll be somewhere I will be proud of and that I will be grateful and content for all that I’ve been thru and decided for myself.

Hope is a powerful thing to hold on to but we also need to have the courage to make that hope into reality.

I’ll get there someday.


10:09 am thought

I am torn between the present and the future.
Every fact I discover,
Every direction I turn,
Every situation I face and every decision I make,
I know will alter whatever's in my future.
I'm just uncertain now, and I know I shouldn't worry or stress my self about it. Because no one knows what their future certainly holds for them. But I just can't stop my mind from going there.