You tell me

Its so cliché to feel butterflies
when your name came out
from the lips of someone special,
But to me, its the other way around.
Whenever you utter my name,
its always because you are mad at me,
or pissed by something.
It just saddens me.
Should it really be this way?
Or the the former?

For me, I like saying your name actually, instead of an endearment,
Because for me your name is a special word, its like magic in my lips whenever I pronounce it. I guess it will never be that way to you.


Ocean Melancholy

I'm walking alone towards the beach
I could feel the cold breeze of the ocean

The smell of the salt from the water
Your scent still lingers on the jacket

How cliché my feeling are right now
I wished I could stop my mind from remembering you
I already did it with my heart,
But its never that easy everyday.