Picture in a Frame

You see a perfected image
Behind a flawed personality
You may think I’m matured enough
But I still think like a child
I don’t know how to grow
In the four corners of my small world
I hope that someday I may outgrow this cage that I live in
That I may be courageous enough
To show the world the real image of me
Without hesitation of what others may think or say
Without the doubt that I always carry within me


Brave Love

A love genuinely pure
Is rare and hard to find
A treasure to be cherished with all your might
Yet there are lots of obtascles along side
Be brave and choose with your heart and mind
It is your choice, 
Only yours to fulfill and live for evermore. 


I don’t know what’s wrong. But it seems all words conspire against action. I am saddened but I can’t decipher where it came from. 

Everything was being affected by a storm that is too far of reach. Where will I go from here. There seems no where else left for me.