The Three Queens

A Poisoner in Disguise

Love is like a berry
Full of vibrant colors and sweet taste
Yet some are sour and full of bitterness
But be careful always
Not all berries are meant to be eaten
Some are full of poison
That could end your life abruptly.

A Prayer to the Fire

I stare at the stars 
With intent so strong
Eager to catch a glimpse
Of the shooting star
It is bright like the Sun
Strong like a storm
And fierce like a burning fire
I hope to make a prayer
Of wishes and dreams
Of love and care for everyone indeed. 

A Natural Path

It started as nothing and ended as everything
I ought to be powerful but turned out powerless
I was looking at the wrong side
Now I see clearly
How strong I can be if I take the right path.


Humor Please

What is Art?
To Hue, to Sam, 
To Avery Wan and to Mei
Art is…..
To Hue,
It can be experience
To Sam,
It can be entertainment
To Avery Wan,
It can be self expression
To Mei,
It is life and a little silliness. 
But in all seriousness
Art is a great gift to Annie Wan. 

Fly with Me

Fly with me.
Come and let’s wonder the world.
Let’s discover its beauty
And fill ourselves with treasure

Fly with me,
To the unknown places
That only few have seen
And dare to leave footprints

Fly with me
Thru the hottest day and the coldest night
See for yourself
How marvelous the world we live in

We shall experience how the colors change
And the wind shifts direction
Explore everything with me
Come and Fly with Me

The Sun is Setting



  •  Mohave Point, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona USA.


What will you do?

Is it just a dream?
Will it only be a dream?
Or will it be a dream come true?

Its easy to imagine,
And wonder about it.
Yet are you doing a move,
And taking a risk?

Its hard to leave everything
And take a step towards the unknown,
Are you courageous enough to go
Or too coward to stay.