A Storm Approaching

The sky is dark like a polluted water
While the wind blew cold whispers
As I stare blankly at the window
I realize how unease the birds are
They sense what’s coming.


I feel like I was a trapped bird in a tree
With wings I could use as an instrument to escape
The branches that forms as a cage
But I can’t, Im trapped and there’s nothing I could do
I shout and cried as hard as I could
Yet no one heard and come to help.

Sunless Sky

Though the breeze suggest coldness
The clouds turn pink and red and orange
It is definitely sunset
But without the presence of the sun itself.


A good news or not?

How life throws you marshmallows and whole nuts sometimes. Well I don’t know if I could consider the news I’ve received today as a good one or not. I’ve been waiting for how long now and I’ll still be waiting for like a few months. Its just that there are these what if’s in my mind and time is running also Im running out of plans and resources. I don’t know what to do. Oh if life is as smooth and creamy as chocolate syrup I would perfectly dive in. ( and yeah I’m craving for a rocky road ice cream )