Some off day

Sometimes you have those off day. Days you don’t feel great. Days were it seems that the optimism button can’t be turned on and the happiness pill are all drowned in the sink filled with water so they are both useless.
You don’t feel like doing anything even though the sun is shining brightly and triumphantly in the sky, but here you are stock in your bedroom don’t have anything you want to eat or do or drink. Making all the pity questions in your head that you weren’t suppose to be thinking in the first place. I don’t know i just feel so off today.

Oh well by the way i do apologize for not writing in the past months I’ve been occupied by a lot of things. And here I am writing how off my Monday is even though its just half of the day probably later I’ll find a magic wand and turn this off day into a nice one. But certainly I did accomplish writing something today. That would be a great start though.