Lost in Sleepless Night

Without a plan but a lot of thought, here I am still awake in the midst of dawn. I don’t know how to start but I end up here. Maybe its a good thing or not, here I am again lost for words on how to express my deepest thought. I may be lost in a lot of things but I won’t be lost going home, this morning I’ll be home and will be sleeping in my not so fluffy pillow and bed probably that’s one reason why I have this sleepless night. Can’t sleep, already tried to read a book but still can’t sleep maybe that’s how excited I am for the fact that I’ll be seeing my mom, bro, dad and the rest of the fam or I could blame it on the three mug of tea that I drunk during dinner.

Well to give you a brief background on my life right now, I’m far from home (the place where I grew up) like a 3-4 hour ride on the bus. And I’m on a journey of discovering what God has planned for me. Also in making a living and accepting all opportunities that may come on my way (includes a possible career shift— but still undecided) You could classify me as a Young Adult, leaving teenage life and welcoming the challenging adult life.

So this is my first post here on my new blog and I just want to thank you for giving some time reading it. and you’ll gonna read a lot from me soon, but for now let me bid my goodnight.